What is Bloomsday?

Joyce DancingBloomsday was first celebrated in Dublin in 1954, and since the 1970s, it has become one of the leading literary feast-days around the world. Why? The events of Joyce’s Ulysses take place on one day (16 June and the early hours of the next day) in a city that was eminently walkable in 1904, the date of its setting. Leopold Bloom is one of the three leading characters and tradition names the day after him, rather than his wife, Molly Bloom or Stephen Daedalus. Early Bloomsdays were peripatetic, where the novel’s landmarks are the focus of Bloomsday revels.

For more information about Bloomsdays…..1994 to the present…

Bloomsday in Melbourne has a proud history of engagement with the work of James Joyce. Since 1994, a small committee of Joyceans has read and re-read Joyce and mounted theatrical events designed to communicate the joy of Joyce to its loyal patrons. Read on…..

Who Runs Bloomsday in Melbourne?

Bloomsday in Melbourne is a not-for-profit incorporated society run by a committee of volunteers. It annually assembles a team of scriptwriters and script consultants who work on each year’s main theatrical event, stages in and around Bloomsday, 16 June.

Bloomsday in Melbourne Committee 2015/16

LinkedIn  Frances Devlin-Glass  (francesdevlinglass@gmail.com)

Secretary/Public Officer
Sian Cartwright    (sian.cartwright@bigpond.com)

Bob Glass (devlinglass@bigpond.com)

 LinkedInBruce Beswick
 LinkedInSteve Carey
    Deirdre Gillespie
 LinkedInRoslyn Hames
    James King
    Rowan O'Donnell
    Bernard Peasley
    Janet Strachan



Script-Writing Team, 2016

Bruce Beswick, Steve Carey, Sian Cartwright, Bernard Peasley, Frances Devlin-Glass.

Original Website Design
Mairéid Sullivan & Ben Kettlewell, Lyrebird Media

Current Webmaster
Ryan MacKenzie, Explode

Our Supporters

Bloomsday in Melbourne is largely self-funded from subscriptions to Bloomsday events, and through its two annual fundraisers.
In 2011, we were sponsored by five institutions:

Deakin_Worldly_Logo_Keyline[p] Our most long-standing sponsor, since 1997, has been the School of Communication and Creative Arts at Deakin University.
Print The Irish Government through the Irish Embassy in Canberra has sponsored us since 2006.
Melbourne City Council In 2009 and again in 2011, the City of Melbourne supported us.
Celtic Club The Celtic Club has been a longstanding sponsor, and sometimes host of Bloomsday events. It is generous in providing a rehearsal space to Bloomsday in Melbourne.
State Library of Victoria The State Library of Victoria has frequently hosted Bloomsday. We are proud to be affiliated with it The State Library included Bloomsday in Melbourne as a part of Melbourne’s successful bid to become a United Nations City of Literature. The secretariat for this will be housed at the State Library.
In 2012, since gaining registration and tax-deductibility as an Arts organization with the Australian Business Arts Foundation, we have formed a new partnership with P. J. O’Brien’s Irish Pub at Southbank, and are grateful for donations from the following individuals: Dennis Paphitis, Keith Wilshire, Alan and Noel Fagan, Mary Gaynor , Helene McNamara & Associates and Helen Rey.
P.J.O'Brien's Irish Pub P.J.O’Brien’s Irish Pub were proud sponsors of the Tatty Tenors in August 2012
and of Bloomsday 2012 and Bloomsday 2013.
If you would like to be part of this enterprise and help us to reach our goal of providing one of the most innovative and ambitious Bloomsdays around the world, please think of donating to Bloomsday through Creative Partnerships Australia (auspices by the Australian government).We are grateful to White Hat for assistance in getting the word about Bloomsday out into cyberspace. Also That’s Melbourne, and Visit Victoria.