Bloomsday is nearly upon us….

Have you seen Dan Walls’ videos of rehearsals and interviews with actors?

I’ll post a link soon for those averse to Facebook!

Matt Dorning and Liam Gillespie, with Director, Wayne Pearn in the background, rehearsing Stephen and Cranly’s scene from Ch.5 of Portrait. Rehearsal photo by Joel Munro.

There’s also a glimpse of behind the scenes at Bloomsday on Tintean, the free online Irish-Australian magazine.  As you’ll gather from the videos, rehearsing Portrait is an intense and (mostly!) joyful experience.

Update on the booking situation:
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man  (the centrepiece play at fortyfivedownstairs theatre)

Bookings have been stronger this year than for many years, and already, well over a week out, the play on Bloomsday itself (Thursday 16 June) is fully booked. Sorry, to those of our patrons who didn’t leap in soon enough. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as although bookings for the Preview (Wed.), 17 June (Friday) and  19 June (Sunday) are strong, there are still seats available, and a lot more on Saturday. So, suggest you get in soon by phoning the theatre (03 9662 9966) on  or going online.

  • Seminar with Michael Meehan and Janet Strachan  (at Papa Goose restaurant, 91-3 Flinders Lane, 3.30pm

Bookings for the seminar close at 10am on Thursday 16 June. Places still available, but capped at 80.

  • Dinner at Papa Goose, 6pm Bloomsday

Bookings for the dinner close at 10am Tuesday. Some places still available but capped at 80.

In the words of Steve Carey, Australians all, let us Re-Joyce!


Frances Devlin-Glass is the Director of Bloomsday in Melbourne and has been running it since 1994, mounting fresh theatrical adaptations and original plays, and a seminar, annually. The aim of Bloomsday in Melbourne is to share the joys of Joyce and to demystify him. This very lively group of Joyce enthusiasts has an international profile and was in 2004 invited to perform in Dublin. Frances has taught Joyce in Melbourne universities, and overseas, and to interested groups of readers since 1979. She enjoys the opportunity to continually engage with Joyce's texts and with other Joyceans.

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