James Joyce’s Ulysses has an undeserved reputation for being impossibly difficult to read. Having said that, it is demanding and is better done with a guide in the first instance. Bloomsday in Melbourne annually runs a variety of courses on Joyce and is open to requests to customise courses or lectures. On its committee are several people with academic backgrounds who have studied Joyce most of their lives who relish talking about Joyce to groups at all levels of competence.

Email Bloomsday for more information. Currently, the organisers are running courses at University of the Third Age, Melbourne City Campus (the next iteration of Joyce for Devotees begins on 11 August at Legacy House in Swanston St . Phone U3A  on 03 9639 5209 to book. You need to be a member).

Coming up in 2017-18:

1. Introducing Ulysses, an intensive course on the basics of reading Ulysses. 

Bloomsday wishes to contest the notion that the novel is too difficult for most readers and is passionately committed to demystifying it. This course introduces readers to the simpler chapters of the novel and its main superb characters, and it gives an overview of the architecture of the novel.

This course is for rank beginners, or those who’ve not got passed chapter 3 (a surprisingly large cohort of folk, so don’t be discouraged!).  It covers the basics of the structure of the novel, and why it presents so many stumbling blocks. It is a gentle introduction to its main characters and some user-friendly chapters of the novel. More information….. This course runs again in March 2018, precise date and location to be advised.

Date:  March 2018, 12.30pm – 6.30pm. Bar food is available at the Club and afternoon tea will be served.

2. Advanced Ulysses: ‘Melodiotiosities in Pure Effusion’: Joyce as an Avant-Garde Writer

This course is for more advanced readers of Ulysses and focusses on Joyce’s modernism, his experimentalism and his engagement with challenging ideas. It will deal with the chapters of medium difficulty in the novel. They are those that draw attention to the codes and conventions of writing itself.

Date :This course will run again in September 2017, and dates and venue are being finalised soon. 

3. Super-Advanced Course on Ulysses: Joyce as Aesthetician

This course tackles the most difficult parts of the novel. It focusses on  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and the Stephen chapters of Ulysses. It asks questions about Joyce’s implied aesthetics.




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