Into the River with a splash

The Finnegans Wake reading group at U3A (see earlier post) has an almost full (and record) complement of readers and has got off to a splendid start. 2 places remain in course (Enquiries to U3A on 03 9639 5209). The plan is to study short passages intensively, using various guides like glossaries, readings, musical readings, and to draw on the group’s collective knowledge (which is wide and deep) of languages and Life-STUFF. We got through 2 and a half sentences last week, but we’re content with the pace, and it’s picking up a little. It promises to be lots of fun at this Wake, and instructive too.

Frances Devlin-Glass is the Director of Bloomsday in Melbourne and has been running it since 1994, mounting fresh theatrical adaptations and original plays, and a seminar, annually. The aim of Bloomsday in Melbourne is to share the joys of Joyce and to demystify him. This very lively group of Joyce enthusiasts has an international profile and was in 2004 invited to perform in Dublin. Frances has taught Joyce in Melbourne universities, and overseas, and to interested groups of readers since 1979. She enjoys the opportunity to continually engage with Joyce's texts and with other Joyceans.

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