New Finnegans Wake reading group


Marshal McLuhan’s working copy of ‘Finnegans Wake’, in the University of Toronto Library.

A group of Joyceans has been meeting for courses on Joyce for several years now at U3A Melbourne City. They’ve steadily grown in number and intensity of commitment over the years, easily adding new members to the fold and reading Ulysses and the earlier fiction ever more slowly. Some members of the group are keen to have a shot at reading Finnegans Wake collectively. It’s a group with a good grounding in Joyce, with multiple languages (which has to be useful for reading the WAKE), various backgrounds (science, engineering, law, history,  Irish history, medicine, social work, teaching, music, and many other kinds of expertise), but joined by a love of Joyce. The understanding is that this is not a course, but a reading group, a tentative foray into this notoriously opaque novel, and that it is testing the waters for a continuing group. The plan is to tackle small sections (a page or two at most) in any one session, but to mine it in a variety of ways.  The group meets for 8 weeks on Fridays  at 10am for 2 hours, beginning 7 Oct. If you wish to enrol, you need to be a member of U3A, and this membership opens up a range of courses to you. Enquiries to U3A on 03 9639 5209.



Frances Devlin-Glass is the Director of Bloomsday in Melbourne and has been running it since 1994, mounting fresh theatrical adaptations and original plays, and a seminar, annually. The aim of Bloomsday in Melbourne is to share the joys of Joyce and to demystify him. This very lively group of Joyce enthusiasts has an international profile and was in 2004 invited to perform in Dublin. Frances has taught Joyce in Melbourne universities, and overseas, and to interested groups of readers since 1979. She enjoys the opportunity to continually engage with Joyce's texts and with other Joyceans.

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