Past Fundraising Events for Bloomsday

other events Bloomsday in Melbourne needs to raise funds to mount annual Bloomsday (for theatres, publicity, insurance, costumes etc etc) and is committed to having fun doing this, and building community as we do it. We specialise in Irish or Irish-Australian plays, but sometimes venture into music or poetry.  We also run courses. Typically, we mount plays (sometimes full performances as with A Stretch of the Imagination, our current offering, but sometimes as rehearsed readings). The list below will give you an idea of where we’ve been. Our past fundraising events have included:


Convicted on a Comma:The Trial of Roger Casement, an original play, written and directed by Brian Gillespie, 6 August 2016. More information…..

A Terrible Beauty, a dramatic poetry reading directed by Liam Gillespie on 15 April at the Celtic Club, and 11 June at Portarlington National Celtic Festival. More information….

The Plough and the Stars by Sean O’Casey, directed by Wayne Pearn as a Radio Play.

2.30pm and 7.30pm at the Celtic Club, Melbourne. More information…..


Once Upon a Bar-Stool

a play in verse written and performed by Felix Nobis

Directed by Thomas Conway

Where: Celtic Club, 316-20 Queen St., Melbourne
When: One performance only, at 3pm, 6 September
For a Review of this remarkable verse play, see Tinteán Review of Once Upon a Bar-Stool

2013-4                        Four Performances of Jack HIbberd’s iconic A Stretch of the Imagination in the amphitheatre at Mont Albert, at Paramoor Winery (Carlsruhe) and for Full House, North Melbourne. Wayne Pearn played Monk O’Neill to great acclaim, and Renee Huish directed.  More….

2015 Pre-Joyce, an Entertainment about Dublin, Joyce and Beyond with the inimitable RACKER DONNELLEY  29 May 2015

Racker Donnelly
Racker Donnelly

Racker is a Dublin-based entertainer, poet, raconteur, singer. Fresh from the Joyce Tower at Sandycove, where he has often performed his own brand of Dublinesque comic poetry, Racker has been lured to Melbourne to warm us up for Bloomsday. He will perform his  sequel to Ulysses,  THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BLOOMS  (which was broadcast on Irish radio some years ago), Joyce’s brief “autobiography” in verse, a sung tribute to Joyce translated from the Irish of Brendan Behan, & other pieces about Dublin. For more information about Racker Donnelly….

Click link for flyer: Racker Donnelly gig on 29 May

Thumbnail Niki Sleep Light-001

Dancing the Bones of Irish Myth and Legend

Niki na Meadhra invites you to join her in ancient Ireland, and to immerse yourself in the tales of heroes, crones, tricksters and comely maidens. You will discover how very different ancient Irish epic is from Greek and Roman heroic lore. Expect hyperbole, extravagance, wonderment.

Niki has 30 years of theatre to draw on and this session will enthrall adults and children above the age of 8 equally.

When: Sunday  29 March 2015 at 4pm

Where: Celtic Club, 316-20 Queen St., Melbourne (easily reached from Central Station or the Circle Tram)

2012 The Tatty Tenors of Brisbane embark upon their ‘Fourth World Tour’ to Melbourne on Wednesday 15 August, to perform an Irish concert at P.J. O’Brien’s, Southbank.
>>> more
2012 Big Maggie by J.B.Keane (author of The Field)
Directed by Renée Huish and starring Deirdre Gillespie in the title role.
A classic of the modern Irish Theatre…. a searching and dramatic account of Irish family life in the 1960s.
2012 Penetrating the ‘Impenetrable’ A Beginner’s Guide to reading Ulysses delivered by Associate Professor Frances Devlin-Glass
2011 Rapture in Three Keys – the Sublimity of Ancient Ireland meets the Tragedy and Comedy of Oscar Wilde. An evening of music and exquisite storytelling.
2011 J.M.Synge: The Tinker’s Wedding and Riders to the Sea
2010 Oscar Wilde: The Importance of Being Earnest
2009 The Last Salon of Lady Wilde: Speranza of the Nation
2008 Ron Blair: The Christian Brothers
2007 J.M.Synge: Playboy of the Western World
2006 J.B.Keane: The Field
An Evening with Flann O’Brien
J.M.Synge: The Shadow of the Glen
2005 The Sun Never Sets: A Night of entertainment and edification
in memory of the Late Dear Queen (and the late Empire)
2004 John B Keane: Letters of a Minister of State