Save the Date: Niki na Meadhra returns with a show on The Tain and its women

Fair and Furious: Women of the Táin

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24-25 February 2017 at the Celtic Club

Some academics have declared the Táin misogynistic in its treatment of female characters, but having spent time with them, as a storyteller, I can’t agree – unless my only measure of these women and goddesses is to characterise them through a narrow modern idea of how wives and mothers should behave. To me, they are potent, sensual, complex and vivid. They make powerful decisions about their own destinies and actively seek retribution for the injustices done to them. It is only those who do not accept this that are doomed to suffer.

Niki na Meadhra, Storyteller.

Through her energetic, physical, evocative telling of the tales of Medb, Macha, Derdriu, the Morrígan and others, Niki invites her audience to consider their own response the women of the Táin.

Frances Devlin-Glass is the Director of Bloomsday in Melbourne and has been running it since 1994, mounting fresh theatrical adaptations and original plays, and a seminar, annually. The aim of Bloomsday in Melbourne is to share the joys of Joyce and to demystify him. This very lively group of Joyce enthusiasts has an international profile and was in 2004 invited to perform in Dublin. Frances has taught Joyce in Melbourne universities, and overseas, and to interested groups of readers since 1979. She enjoys the opportunity to continually engage with Joyce's texts and with other Joyceans.

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