The (Very) Short Film Showcase

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Melbourne’s literary and filmmaking communities are invited to celebrate the work of James Joyce, taking his brilliant, hilarious and notoriously difficult novel Ulysses and interpreting it on film or video… in under five minutes! Reel Joyce: The James Joyce Short Film Showcase offers emerging and established filmmakers, writers and actors the opportunity to create their own interpretation of a passage from Joyce’s great novel. And there’s only one rule: it must be less than five minutes. “James Joyce is Ireland’s most famous novelist,” says Bloomsday in Melbourne organiser Frances Devlin-Glass, “and Melbourne is Australia’s most artistic, literary and creative city. We’re challenging our city’s filmmakers, screenwriters and actors to bring Joyce’s work to life with a short film. Take a page or two and let them inspire you!” The project has already won the backing of Filmonik Melbourne, which is hosting a ‘Kabaret,’ screening short Joyce films shot from go to whoa in just 72 hours. “I know, it’s crazy bonkers,” says Filmonik’s Leeanne Torpey. “But such fun! It attracts filmmakers both emerging and emerged from all over this artistic city of ours. And this Joyce challenge has really caught the imagination of our contributors. We’re champing at the bit!” For more than 20 years Bloomsday in Melbourne has presented an annual celebration of Joyce around 16th June, ‘Bloomsday,’ the date on which the action of Ulysses is set. In 2015 their centrepiece presentation is The Reel James Joyce, exploring the Joyce who was deeply in love with cinema. “Not many people know that James Joyce actually established the very first cinema in his home city of Dublin,” says Devlin-Glass. “Our play riffs on that theme and suggests a fictional encounter in 1920s Paris between Joyce and Charlie Chaplin. What would they have made of each other?” Now, nearly a century later, we’re about to find out what happens when James Joyce meets the filmmakers of Melbourne. Once thing is clear: it’ll all be over in less than five minutes. To find out more about Reel Joyce: The James Joyce Short Film Showcase, go to or Entries are open until 31st May 2015. If suitable, the film judged the best by a committee drawn from Bloomsday in Melbourne and Filmonik qualifies for AU $500 and will be screened on Bloomsday. For more information and to register your intention to submit a film, please contact Steve Carey on 0423 793887.  

Frances Devlin-Glass is the Director of Bloomsday in Melbourne and has been running it since 1994, mounting fresh theatrical adaptations and original plays, and a seminar, annually. The aim of Bloomsday in Melbourne is to share the joys of Joyce and to demystify him. This very lively group of Joyce enthusiasts has an international profile and was in 2004 invited to perform in Dublin. Frances has taught Joyce in Melbourne universities, and overseas, and to interested groups of readers since 1979. She enjoys the opportunity to continually engage with Joyce's texts and with other Joyceans.

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