Bloomsday in Melbourne has been retrieving our archived photos from 24 years of theatre inspired by James Joyce’s fiction. A selection from the treasury of images is to be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bloomsdayinmelbourne/

From 1994, Bloomsday walked the streets, performing in David Jones’ (department store) basement, a morgue, a cemetery, many churches, a maternity ward in a hospital,  the steps of Parliament House and the entry to Parliament Station, a museum, the Legion of Mary,  the Time-Ball Tower in Williamstown, a Masonic lodge, many a beach and pier. There was always a gala event in a theatre in the evening. Since 2000, with the tightening of safety standards and by-laws on the streets, and because the patron numbers grew hugely, we confined ourselves to theatres and indoor events. 16 June can be cool in Melbourne (though often we note it’s as warm as the same summer day in Dublin!)

Bloomsday memorably was invited to mount performances in Dublin and Kobe, too. So, a warm welcome to visit Bloomsday’s Instagram site, and track what we’ve been up to over all those years….

Celebrating James Joyce since 1994

The Bloomsday in Melbourne (Australia) festival occurs annually on and around 16 June.
It celebrates James Joyce’s fiction – its humour, its challenge to rethink the world, its experimentalism.
What’s coming up….


was the centenary of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and we celebrated with a sell-out season at fortyfivedownstairs. In addition, we ran three fringe events to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising.


  • Bloomsday in Melbourne’s brand new original play, ‘Getting Up James Joyce’s Nose’, is completed (2.3 years in the making), cast and ready to go.  The Melba Spiegeltent is booked for a Steam-Punk festival celebrating the olfactory in Joyce. Watch this space for news ….
  • Our first Fringe Event (a fundraiser for Bloomsday 2017) will take place on 24 and 25 Feb. 2017.  Niki na Meadhra, will perform in her one-woman show, Fair and Furious: Women of the Táin, The women of ancient Irish myth will take you to some strange places. Expect extravagance, comedy, violence! Save the date.
  • Our second course of the season is designed for beginning readers of ‘Ulysses’.  Got to page 10 and gave up…? No shame in that, but Bloomsday can offer expert guidance in enjoying what some consider ‘impenetrable’ (it’s not!). Hone your reading ahead of Bloomsday.


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