Celebrating James Joyce since 1994

The Bloomsday in Melbourne (Australia) festival occurs annually on and around 16 June.
It celebrates James Joyce’s fiction – its humour, its challenge to rethink the world, its experimentalism.

Bloomsday in Melbourne Festival 2017

 Getting Up James Joyce’s Nose directed by Wayne Pearn

A Steampunk Ulysses at the Spiegeltent …. sniffing out Joyce’s darkest secrets?



What’s coming up….


  • We’ve unveiled and opened bookings for Bloomsday in Melbourne’s brand new original play, ‘Getting Up James Joyce’s Nose’, is completed (2.3 years in the making). It is cast and already in rehearsal under the inventive eye of Wayne Pearn. The Tatty Tenors are rehearsing in Brisbane and poised for another Melbourne adventure. The Melba Spiegeltent is booked for a Steam-Punk festival celebrating what’s on the nose in Joyce.
  • Our second course of the season is designed for beginning readers of Ulysses.  Got to page 10 and gave up…? No shame in that, but Bloomsday can offer expert guidance in enjoying what some consider ‘impenetrable’ (it’s not!). Hone your reading ahead of Bloomsday. It’s almost booked out! Go direct to bookings….
  • Sign up to our list to receive updates on Bloomsday events by emailing Sian: sian.cartwright@bigpond.com


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