Bloomsday in Melbourne Festival 2017

Getting Up James Joyce’s Nose

directed by Wayne Pearn

A Steampunk Ulysses at the Spiegeltent… sniffing out Joyce’s darkest secrets!

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What’s coming up for Bloomsday in Melbourne 2017…

  • Bloomsday in Melbourne’s brand new original play, ‘Getting Up James Joyce’s Nose.’ has its Preview tonight 14 June and runs for a short season until Sunday 3.00pm. SEATS at the door for all sessions other than 16 June which has been booked out for a few weeks. The Melba Spiegeltent, at the COLLINGWOOD end of Johnston Street, just east of Smith St., is the venue for a Steam-Punk festival celebrating what’s on the nose in Joyce. The Seminar and the Dinner (the latter is unhappily booked out – sorry) will take place close by the theatre at Mamma Vittoria’s upstairs room.
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Bloomsday 2017 Map

MELBA SPIEGELTENT: 35 Johnston St., Collingwood (red pin)

MAMMA VITTORIA’s: 343 Smith St., Fitzroy (green pin)

Every year around the world on 16th June readers of James Joyce celebrate his greatest masterpiece, Ulysses, first published in 1922. Why 16th June? Well, that’s the day in 1904 on which the action of the book is set… and, romantically, Joyce chose that date because it commemorates the day he first went out with Nora, the love of his life. Here in Melbourne, a group of Joyce readers, Bloomsday in Melbourne, celebrate this most famous of literary dates with dinner, a few drinks, a lot of talk and, always, a rip-roaring, rambunctious and racy theatrical production. We raise a toast to Joyce’s fiction – its humour, its challenge to rethink the world, its experimentalism. Come join us! We’re one of the most Joyce-literate communities world-wide.

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    1. Definitely, Montreal Bloomsday! We’d love to share them. And greetings to fellow travellers. I’ll email you separately.

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