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Fitzroy Gardens, Spring Street and Eastern Hill

Director of Arcade Performances: Simon McGuinness

Director of Evening Gala at Melbourne Town Hall, Ithaca:  Howard Stanley


Mythic Joyce opened with .an Homeric Invocation in Classical Greek declaimed by Professor Dennis Pryor in the Fitzroy Gardens. Bloomsday in 1999 focussed on the Homeric allusions in Ulysses, and also his more subtle use of Irish myth.



Staged in locations chosen for their Joycean and mythic resonances, in the areas of Eastern Hill, the Fitzroy Gardens, and Spring Street, this Bloomsday celebrated everyting mythic in Joyce, not just homer but also his more covert borrowings from ancient Irish myth.  It covered every episode in Ulysses and climaxed with a theatricalisation of Ithaca in the Melbourne Town Hall, directed by Howard Stanley.

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