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  • Bloomsday in Melbourne

Invitation to help pay our actors...

We hope you have enjoyed our Bloomsday in Plaguetime film festival. This is a Bloomsday like no other, locked out of our performing spaces for the first time in 27 years. Undaunted, our very brave director and cast chose to press on on Zoom.

Some of our 20-strong team of actors assembled for a Zoom rehearsal - in a serious moment.

We are not charging for our film festival, but we would dearly love to pay our actors. If you are in a position to, we'd love it if you could contribute a little money for our cast. As you know, the artistic community has been very heavily hit by COVID-19, and we want them to know that we appreciate them. We've put up a fundraising page at, and if you can spare a dollar or even more, we'd really appreciate it. This year we can't charge for what we're doing, so we're relying on you to help us pay our cast for their time and energy. Every single cent we raise from this fundraising will go straight to the cast and our director. 

We set a modest target of $5,000, and every dollar helps. Warm thanks to the 91 generous individuals who have contributed so far. We've exceeded our target of $5000, and if we raise more, that means the actors are better remunerated.

We know that you may not be in a position to help out, and that's absolutely fine. We're open to feedback on our films, and that may be the way you choose to engage, and we'll be very pleased to hear what you think. But if you are in a position to contribute some cash, so much the better.

Continue to enjoy the films. Joyce's experimental manoeuvres ratchet up as the episodes advance. They will be permanently housed on this site.

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